basswholes and blairanoids

"give me a reason, and 'i'm chuck bass' doesn't count."

I am weird. And that's why you're reading this right now. I'm a gigantic fan girl when it comes to things such as Harry Potter, Gossip Girl, Twilight, and Degrassi. I'm head over heels obsessed with music I listen to anything and everything (expect Crank That because that's a little "wtf" for me). I'm obsessed with many things besides the above, such as Gary Oldman, Mean Girls (and many other movies), talking, writing, talking...obsessing. Yeah, I'm obsessed with obsessing, get over it. Oh, and I'm also obsessed with Lucius Malfoy's sexy cane. I think that Edward Cullen is a gift from God and that Jacob Black should go date a dog.

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